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Avoid instant gratification

Avoid instant gratification

My fellow student. Instant gratification is the poison of our student community. We get into a lot of trouble because we want everything in the now and will pay almost any price to get it. Half the time if we are willing to wait just a little while, the rewards are exponential as opposed to the reward we settled for.

Let’s consider  the student loans for example. Student loans were originally created to help students get their education. You paid your tuition with low interest loans that you paid off after you found work after college. As you may be aware, the student loan companies and some politicians, make sport out of gouging students with high interest loans, and most astounding of all according to student loan scams, many students have PAID OFF their loans only to have the student loan company come back five years later with a letter claiming the debt was not paid . These letters would go on to say if the debt was not paid in an unreasonably short time the student’s credit would be destroyed and their pay checks garnished. That’s another way of saying they would stick their grubby little fingers in your wallet without permission. Did we forget to add many a time the debt was already paid?

Scenario 2. Each and every student take the time to do some research and find funds that DO NOT INVOLVE ANY LOANS to pay their tuition. When you graduate you do not have the luxury of the tuition deb headache.

At Scholars Fund we have hundreds of scholarship listings come to you via email all you have to do is sign up.

Each time we come across information that will benefit you we send it to you. We ask that you do the same so that the community of scholars fund students can benefit from your wisdom and experience. Part of Scholar’s Fund’s mission is to share information with the entire student community as it becomes available. This becomes self evident when a student signs up with our site. Did we mention we do this and charge no money?

Instant gratification will cause a student to migrate towards the deadliness of the loans. The promises of the loan companies are mendacious and their practices malicious. All of this can be avoided simply by taking the time to do due diligence.

We can help with that.

What ideas do you have about instant gratification?

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