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How much income are you worth?

How much income are you worth?

Has any future employer ever asked you, How much money do you want to get paid?

Each time I’ve asked that question to a prospective employee I invariably get the flabbergasted look to the countenance

Why shouldn’t a future boss ask you that question? Are you not aware of how much your time is worth?

The boss make behave as if you are not important. Ponder this. If you are so unimportant, why do they take the time to search for, interview and hire you? It seems to be a lot of time spent on a stranger that is not important. Doesn’t it?.

Consider the following question.

How much are you worth?

How much do you want to get paid, each day, each week, each month, each year? Keep the following in mind.

You are an American student. That’s got some weight.

One study in the 1980’s determine students should be paid 100,000 dollars for the studies they engage in.

The work you will do when you are a professional will greatly benefit the American economy and the community at large.

The above questions are  ideas we keep in mind before considering a team member.

We feel you should seriously consider the above concepts before considering a job.

What’s your opinion?

We would love to know.

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