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Let others student know.

Let others student know.

Through the website, blog and emails you will find one recurring theme. We consistently ask that you inform others of this campaign.


There are several reasons.

Scholars fund is a community project. We are an organization formed by students for students. Which means, working with us is considered community service. Helping hundreds if not thousands of students get out of and stay out of tuition loan debt is commendable. It is an activity the scholarship committees will look on with awe.

Each person you help avoid debt will be an asset to your dossier . This dossier will be used to help you win a position in whatever work you decide  to do. It will be  especially helpful  when you try to land a paid position with Scholars

We suggest you begin working on your resume, recommendation letters and essays.

We like to read essays that pertain to  leadership positions held in the past and extraordinary actions you’ve taken in that position.

We would love to read your dissertation.

Send them to

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