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Passive Income

Passive Income

Have you Considered Passive Income?

I read in a book, I don’t remember what book I read this from, to be successful one must be prepared for success.

As you continue to interact with scholars fund, the emails and the blog, you will understand this organization is not like the other scholarship entities. We are growing because of our motif of interdependence. As such we are constantly growing and needing more student to work with us. The following are a few benefits you get for working with us.

You get ALL the benefits of the Million Dollars Club.

You get all the scholarship information before the face book and Twitter networks.

You are entitled to all the recommendation any student working with an organization is entitled to.

As your responsibilities grow and our confidence in you evolves we will invite you to join our paid team.

You will get all the benefit of the scholarships AND you will enjoy your own passive income.

We define passive (residual)income as the ability to get paid while spending all the time you need in your studies. Your performance will determine if you graduate with your passive income. Many student have graduated with their degrees earning more money in passive income than they would with the income from their jobs.

Ponder the possibility of earning residual income by helping other student get through school while avoiding the nasty loans.

Then send an inquiry at the following email address.

In the subject line type I WANT TO BE A TEAM MEMBER. We will send you an email with instructions to get started.

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