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Student servant Leader

Student servant Leader

Have you heard of the servant leader? In the Bible there several examples of servants, and other characters in positions of servitude that guided their land masters or “bosses” with their behaviors.

With our actions we can create sweeping changes that will be enacted by the law makers themselves. We just described the servant leader.

The student servant leader is a student that does what the servant leader does. That’s us. American students are among the most influential group of people in this side of the galaxy. The problem is we don’t know it. I can compare our situation to that of a horse that allows a little child to lead him by bit and bridle. If that horse knew how much more powerful he was than that child do you think the horse would allow the child to lead?

Get it?

The question becomes, how do we harvest that power, intelligently and peacefully to do something significant such as entitling ourselves to a first class education without the hindrance of finances?

I would love to hear what you have to say about this.

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