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Thursday June 11th 2020

Thursday June 11th 2020

Welcome to our new website! 

Please give us some feedback. Let us know what you like most about it. What you would like to see changed. Most importantly what you would like to contribute to the knowledge of scholarships, grants, internships, fellowships, tuition reimbursement programs and loan forgiveness policies that you know of.

Our work is interdependent in nature. We work with you to better your ability to take advantage of money already owed you. The better we work together; the more money becomes available to you.

We will send you information concerning loan-free funds each week. Keep an eye on your inbox, trash, junk and spam folders for stray message from

Continue to send referrals of students that need scholarship money. Remember the students need not be “A” students or athletes. Send us The names of students that express desire to avoid student loans.

Would you like to share some ideas with us?

What would you do to help solve the high tuition issue we face in our great nation?

We would love to hear from you.

Send your feedback to:

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