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We are students working for students

We are students working for students

We work together to find your money.

Scholars fund is an interactive site, I would like to pose this question.

Considering we are the richest most powerful nation on the face of the Earth, should citizens of such an impressive country pay for their education?

We understand certain things have to be paid for such as insurance, maintenance of buildings, the teachers and ancillary staff must be compensated for their work. After all they have bills. So why are some countries able to educate their students up to doctorate level and not charge the student anything for the learning?

What can students like us do to get our education without the worry of tuition?

Tuition generally brings with it tuition debt and interest. Which begets stress on the student, which in turn begets stress of all types on the American citizen in general.

Do  we rely on our political leaders?

If we rely on them how long will it be before we see some relief from tuition and its counterparts?

There are activities we do individually to help alleviate the burden of tuition.  We get financial aid in the form of loan-free funds such as grants and internships, we get into trouble with loans that say they help with tuition and  thereby help us get our education.

Is there something we the students of the United States, can do collectively  to help each other and in the process help ourselves?

There is an inscription on the Haitian flag that states “In unity there is strength”. When two students get together to study for that upcoming chemistry exam they make progress. However when several serious students get together  to study exponential progress is made.

Scholars fund is the movement students are engaging to make certain changes. We are an organization created by students for students serving students all over the nation and someday the globe. When we finally decide we want to do something such as fighting the rising cost of  higher education, or the segregation of students by their financial status thereby there social status and race 

we will make exponential, sweeping changes that will not be altered very easily.

We have he means and intelligence to begin those changes now. Our present technology and COVD 19 has proven to us miracles can come out of apparent tragedies. Likewise we feel students are sitting on a miracle waiting to happen.

Do you feel the same way we do?

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