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Make Your habit Your Personal Tool

Make Your habit Your Personal Tool

My fellow student, I have frequently written on powerful tools we students possess but we do not use. I know not why. Whether it be from ignorance or we are unwilling to use these tools. Whatever the reason we are hurting ourselves by not taking advantage of these means. In this post we discuss the means of habit.

Most of us students are not aware our habits make or break us where our studies are concerned. They also work against or for us where acquiring loan-free funds are needed for tuition. Here are some fun facts to remember about habits.

Habits will take us to whatever heights we want in our lives. You want to get your PhD your habits will get you there. You want to become the world’s best web designer your habits will get you there. You want to become the world’s first trillionaire, yes you guessed it your habit will get you there.

Habits are not very hard to form and are easy to maintain. It takes the brain 21 days of repeated behavior to forma habit that will stay with you for as long as you wish. Many studies have confirmed that twenty one day principle. I personally have been able to prove you don’t need twenty-one days, you actually need to practice the behavior twenty one times. For example: When I try to memorize a bible verse, when I repeat the verse twenty one times or more I will remember it. Try it. This concept works for complicated behaviors too. For example;

You are taking a three point class. That usually means if you study three hours per day for each day you have the class you will walk away with an A from that class.

Here is how I would use my habit forming tool.

For twenty one days set your alarm to wake up at the same time each day even on the weekends. You may find on the days you forget to set the alarm you wake at that time any way.

Do all of your toileting, prayer, coffee, breakfast or any thing else essential to start your day.

Set time aside to study or prepare for that class. Make it the same time each day for twenty one days.

Set a special place at the library or in your room as your place. Doing this will alert your brain you need to be in study mode when in that space.

You will find waking up to study will become easier, getting the grade you want will also become habit. Once that complicated behavior becomes habit, you will no longer think about it. You will think about it when you stray from that behaviors. Habits can be tweaked. The above habit scenario is simplified but you get the gist of what I am saying. The study habit described above can be tweaked to any endeavor you will get massive success in your endeavors.

When you decide you want to go to college without using loans and you want to graduate with no loans tweak the abovementioned habit to make it happen.

After your morning study and school work, work through the scholarship emails you get for free from Do this every day and follow all instructions and watch the scholarships, grants, internships, fellowships, work study, and loan forgiveness programs come rolling in. The doors of Heaven will open and you will not have room enough to put all the money you will get .

Your good habits can either get you the dream job you want or will have you create the dream job. We students have been indoctrinated into believing that we go to college to find a job and work for another human being. Nothing could be further from the truth. In turn we are bombarded with stress while the owner of that business is home sipping tequilas all day.

My fellow student, you find a job after work if you want to. Your creative mind went to college to learn how to CREATE work for those less fortunate than you. Yes the habits you form now will create that place e to 5 years later when you are trying to decide where you want to vacation this month or which color Lamborghini to drive.

You can control your destiny by controlling your habits. Define your goals both short term and long term.

For each category of goals create shorter goals. For each of those goals create daily manageable goals.

Create a spreadsheet on your computer or cell phone to monitor your progress. That tid bit is a powerful motivator.

Habits are not hard to maintain. Once a habit is formed each time the behavior is repeated it strengthens the tendency.

Use this tool to reach whatever goals and whatever heights you want to reach. Who would’ve said we would ever have a black man as president?

In New York City we once had a mayor run for and win the mayoral seat for three terms straight. This tenacity is largely due to the habit Mike Bloomberg nurtured. By the way he is one of the richest men on the globe. Want to guess how he got that way?

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