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Unusual ways to acquire funds for tuition

Unusual ways to acquire funds for tuition

In a previous post, I mentioned some unusual ways to earn funds to pay your tuition. As you have already guessed it is not going to involve loans.

Community service is a wonderful way to earn your tuition. Community service come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can participate in any number of services. I would suggest participating in the one or ones you truly enjoy.

I must make it very clear. Many of the community services available for your input are voluntary. So how does one earn tuition funds you may ask?

Many institutions of higher education reward students for community services with what I dub tuition credits. You get a certain amount of tuition money taken off your tuition bill for each semester of work you donate to that community entity. This can include  anything from your local hospital, to the soup kitchen, to your church to the little old man that lives down the avenue with no one to clean his apartment for him. Many of your nursing homes would more than welcome volunteers to help take the residents outside in the yard for some air or just to take the time to feed them. You can get tuition credits for that too. Before diving head first into any of the above

Ask your school if they accept community service or tuition credits. Ask the community entity you would like to donate your time to if they wouldn’t mind writing a  letter telling your school about the  above mentioned projects.

Ask any and all college faculty about your interest in doing community service  in exchange for tuition or community credits. They may have “inside” information that would land you a community service position hat would not only give you the tuition credits you need it may also get you a future job. SEEK. You may need to look around for a while before finding that community entity that fits the profile. I find it easier to start with  my church. Why? Chances are you grew up at the church. The leaders most likely will be all to happy to help you get your education. Writing the letter you need to get the community credits will be good for them too after you get your degree. Even if you don’t go to church, some one you use to work for may be able to vouch for you via a letter. If you are already at the school, look for community events you can participate in that land you that letter. Organizations such as the American Diabetes Association and the American Cancer Society are always looking for volunteers to help them with fundraisers. Knock.

Knock on every door you can get your hands on. Not literally. I happen to know that the Seventh Day Adventist Churches are looking for pathfinders and Master Guides to help with their youth departments. Locating a Seventh Day Adventist Conferenced church is as easy as checking your GPS on your cell phone.   This is how I would knock. I would Google all the Seventh Day Adventist churches within a twenty mile radius. Then I would email, Facebook, call or write them and ask them if they have an active pathfinders club. If they say yes, ask how you can join their club. In your inquiry mention you will need a letter indicating you are a member of their pathfinders club and would like a letter from the pastor validating that fact. The pastor will most likely give you this letter after watching your participation on that team. Be aware, the leaders of that team will encourage nothing less than the best output from all their team members.

I would also knock in the following way.Find the nearest yellow pages book. Go “A” for associations. Pinpoint the associations that seem interesting to you. Call, email, Facebook or write and ask the following questions.

  1. Are accepting volunteers at this time?
  2. If the answer is yes, ask them to send you an application.
  3. Ask if they would be willing to give you a letter stating that you donate time volunteering. You will need it to get community credits for reduced tuition cost.
  4. If you did not find what you were looking for  with the associations perform the same steps for the organizations.

Follow the above steps until successful

There is no reason for a student to take what is being handed to them these days. Do what you have to do and take your education. There too many ways to get around the challenge of suffocating tuition cost and debt. You can have your cake and eat it too. Why not?

The opportunity is there for the taking.

Work full time and go to school part time. That suggestion may not be very palatable, however, if you are serious about avoiding debilitating debt that  cannot be eliminated when you have an emergency, and will accumulate at astronomical rates, and may cause you to move back in with your parent, that decision appears to be much more desirable. Does it not? Think of it this way, it’s hard enough to get your education. Everyday you go to school, sit in class with your eyes half open thinking of things you would rather be doing rather listening to some professor drone on and on.  Thinking about how much your tuition debt is going to set you back is not making  it any easier. Worrying about how well your tuition debt is going to  delay your financial go will also hinder your ability to retain the information. That will also aggravate the frustration you already feel with school. Do Not wait for our political leaders to do something about it . It may be a cold day before they actually keep some of the promises they make to get themselves ”s-elected.”

Do you have any ideas you would like to share with us?

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