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Weird ways to pay for college

Weird ways to pay for college

Weird ways to pay for college

There are some unusual ways to pay your tuition without breaking the bank.   Some of which have been discussed in earlier posts. Many moons ago, I had friends attend New York University. They were told, they could get an education free of cost if one of their parents worked part time on the weekends at the school. No one wants their mom and dad working at their college However, if you’re getting full ride, why not put up with it?

Here’s one almost no one ever  mentions.

Why not pray about it?

You would be amazed at how powerful divine intervention can be when you let go and let God.

There are churches that collect money to send their collegiate to college. The bible says “Ask, and you shall receive.”

What organizations do you belong to? If you belong to, let’s say a church, lions club, police benevolent society , parent teacher’s association, ask and see what assistance they can provide.

Go to the library and get a book on tyoes of grants available for students. Or just check the internet. You can also go to your high school guidance counselor’s office and go through their scholarship, grants, internship and fellowships books for information ”free money” which means money that does not have to be repaid.

I once found a book that was chock-full-o-grants and money. Strange enough, most of that information was not on the internet when I did my internet search later. In that same book, I found a grant that was offered to students that, get this, whose father was left handed. I found another one that offered 500 dollars to students who could provide proof that  one of their parents was a New York City cab driver.

What I am trying to say is that there are scholarships for all categories of people waiting to be used by you, the college student.

The biggest issue with students is that we don’t take the time to seek out those scholarship treasures


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