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A real stupid way to pay your tuition

A real stupid way to pay your tuition

Cell phone usage.

I went to a business conference a few years ago and heard the average college student owns three cell phones]

Fellow student, do you know there are so many very simple, moral, ethical and legal ways to earn money without the excess expenditure of time and energy. I just defined leverage and interdependence in the last sentence. You are presently holding the key to my next point in your pocket as we speak.




Ability to use viral marketing

Cortana defines a student as one who gets educated at a school or college. I will expand that definition to include anyone that is alive. The human brain was created for unlimited learning and processing of what you learned. The brain can also be influenced to the extent its owner allows another to influence it. In other words what you do with your mind depends on two things. What you decide to fill it with, and what you decide to do with that information. How astutely you use this information is also completely up to you. Complacency and mediocrity work hand in hand. This creates a downward spiraling trend that leads to ineptness and the loss of creativity. You become dependent on others to do the thinking for you. Students are very good at pooling their resources together to accomplish a certain goal. When they want too. All we need is a few good men and women that are not afraid of a little adventure. In taking such a bold step, it shapes the character for the leader that will make you a fisher of men.

That being said Scholars fund is looking for a few students to work with us and create an income for themselves using the second most powerful tool you have ever possessed.

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