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Asset and Liability

Asset and Liability

Fellow student, Robert Kiyosaki states the reason the American finance situation is what it is today, is because we don’t take the time to educate ourselves. In most of his writings he states loud and clear we allow people who have no  reason to want the general public  to have better financial lives instruct us in financial matters. On such point he reiterates constantly is our schools will teach algebra, American history and Spanish. However, how many high schools will teach a student the difference between an asset and a liability?  He also draws the difference between the Rich Dad and his Poor Dad; pointing out their biggest difference was in their education and how they applied their education. Here is what I draw from Mr. Kiyosaki’s books. Educate yourself. For example do you know what makes an asset an asset and a liability a liability??

Can you use an asset to  fund your education and never owe tuition money, ever again?

Would you know how to use that knowledge to help your fellow student get out of debt, completely pay their tuition and compensate yourself well for that help? These are miracles presently being performed  in our great nation that few students are aware of. Why don’t we know of these miracles?? Because we allow our political leaders to carry our responsibilities. Education is not just going to school. It is picking up a book, learning and applying what you learned to your benefit and the benefit of  others. As we speak we have college students that are far wealthier than their parents, have paid off their tuition and have also paid off their parents mortgages. These people have not yet finished college.

How did these students acquire such power? By educating themselves beyond what their classes teach them.

What I am advocating in this post is a paradigm shift. Nowhere is it written we have to suffer under the bondage of the greed of others. I choose to see this as another form of slavery except as students we voluntarily subject ourselves to the chains. Part of the reason we do this for the rasons stated above. Lack of knowledge. For example, suppose you could buy a calculus book at your school for seventy five dollars, down the street from that book store another store is selling the exact same book for forty dollars, brand new? Where would you make the purchase? The answer is obvious. Nonetheless you have to know that the store down the block has the book for forty dollars to be able to take advantage of that discount. If you don’t know about the discount you cannot take advantage of it. How do you gain that knowledge? Read, read, read. This information is in books you can pick up for free at any public library.

The good book states “my children perish from lack of knowledge.” I will rephrase by stating the American student is drowning under tuition debt from lack of knowledge from not taking the time to learn how to avoid the malicious greed of the loan companies. These companies were originally developed to help GI’s coming back from war get their college degrees. What happened? We became complacent and stopped doing our personal research. In short what is happening is completely preventable.

If you have fallen victim of the greed of the loan companies and maybe even the college you attend, there are ways to alleviate that yoke and even obliterate it morally, legally and ethically WHILE EARNING A MODERATE COMPENSATION, capitalization added for emphasis.

Right now your greatest asset given tou is given to you by God himself. It is up to you to it use it effectively to help yourself and others. Your greatest asset is your mind and how you use it. How you use it depends on what knowledge you choose to fill it with.

Your greatest liability is letting others do the thinking for you.

Reader, as a student, we are compelled to think for ourselves. We have too many examples of what can happen if we don’t. We have a myriad of examples of the blessings that await us when we do.

When can you and I work on this project?

I would love to get your input.

Shoot me an email at the following email address.

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