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Get The Full ride by Reading

Get The Full ride by Reading

This is the boday:

Read.  Read. Read.

I cannot emphasize that enough.  Each book you read contain treasure waiting to be found. Each time you pick up a book, try and imagine how much treasure you are going to find in the treasure chest. Likewise, many students have “found” money just by reading books. For example, did you know the concept of bankruptcy came from the old testament bible? That being said, that principle was brought to the people of God to protect them from  the debt they could not pay back right away. How did I know this? By reading the Bible.

Did you know a regular person such as you and I can get as high as 36 percent, compound interest on virtually any deposit? How did I know this? By reading Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

Did you know any student from any country, as long as they have a computer with internet access, can start a business? I got that from reading marketing for dummies. I once heard a person say, if you want to hide something from  students, put it in a book. This illustrates  the fact students don’t read enough. As a direct result we miss out on many financial blessings. Imagine , picking up a book called “Think and Grow  Rich” written by Napoleon hill; then teaching yourself the thoughts you need to learn to think to have money gravitate to you?

Why not start a business?

Gravitational Marketing is a book that will teach you how to use free marketing to have business, and therefore tuition money, gravitate to you.

The Ultimate Scholarship Book 2020 is one of the books Scholars Fund uses to power its email campaign This book contains over three thousand scholarships, grants and other types of “free-money” available to students. Use the reading skills you have been perfecting since kindergarten  to find the scholarship you need to completely fund your higher education. You don’t have to be an athlete or a brainiac, to pay your tuition . Read this book and find out how to get money already due to you.

Scholars Fund promotes The Million Dollar Scholarship Club and the Aggregate Full Scholarship. These programs are designed to instruct you on the art of gaining full tuition without spending one red cent of your own.

Scholarships for “C” students is a book written for that purpose. Felicia Hatcher wrote this book based on her experience as a high school “C” student . She realized she was not  going to receive any money based on merit. She also realized how broke she was. She appreciated  the fact she wanted to go to college and not use any loans. She read everything she could find concerning scholarships. She graduated from college, tuition completely paid, with no lonas very used. Side note. She also started an organization called urban Excellence during her college career.. If you happen to be a student with stellar GPA, SAT, and ACT scores, “The Best Scholarships for the Best Students” is for you. Prestigious colleges and universities offer Very large amounts of money to attract the best and brightest students. Quite often these schools offer full tuition, living expenses and a monthly stipend. You also get to study abroad in places such as Spain, Germany and  Ireland to name a few places.

The above mentioned books are listed below.

Please send us an email  message telling us what your research produced.

The three books are listed below.

Tanabe, Gen. The Ultimate Scholarship Book 2020 (p. 221). SuperCollege. Kindle Edition.

Peterson’s. The “C” Students Guide to Scholarships (Peterson’s C Students Guide to Scholarships) . Peterson’s. Kindle Edition.

Morris, Jason. The Best Scholarships for the Best Students (Peterson’s Best Scholarships for the Best Students) (p. 110). Peterson’s. Kindle Edition.

Happy hunting!

Keep reading. Check Amazon for the Kindle edition of each book.

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