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The Good Book states it is better to give than to receive. Have you ever asked yourself, what does this mean?

Here is another weird way to fund your higher education.

Robbert Kiyosaki and Steven Covey agree in their books. That is not to say they have grave differences in opinion. However, they agree that giving is the best way to get what you want. I heard another saying that states give people what they need and you will get what you want.

There is a song that states ”You can’t beat God’s giving, no matter how you try. The more you give the more He gives to you. You can’t beat God’s giving no matter how you try. So keep on giving because it’s really true

Giving does not have to be money all the time. In a previous post, we discussed the possibility of working or better stated giving time for tuition credits or community credits. Those are not the only benefits of giving help others. When you help another person, :

You feel good. Endorphins are released in your body that give you a feeling of euphoria that is better than… you get the idea.

The rewards cannot be quantified in terms of money. I was a nurse for many years before becoming disabled. I can personally tell you, watching a sick person go from unhealthy to being able to go back to work has made me walk on cloud nine on several occasions.

I also led a pathfinders team for several years before getting sick. Watching inner city kids take control of their destiny, and knowing that God himself helped you accomplish this goal is simply amazing.

I donated some time at Coney Island Hospital for one school year and was able to get into the college of my choice and received more money in scholarships for the time donated.

Find the time to help someone with something they need and you can provide. As previously stated in an earlier post you may be able to receive community credits, more than that the blessing you receive will be limitless.

My personal opinion is get some hours in at your local church. Churches are not particular about who helps them You may have to be betted before donating your time. That is done to prove to administration that you are safe to work with.

I keep going back to the Seventh Day Adventist Church because I am Seventh day Adventist. I know first hand we need help with the youth department. We need volunteers in all fields from CPR to basket weaving

We are in the middle of revamping the benefits of working as a Master Guide. No longer will the reward be from blessings from above only, the blessings will come as the above mentioned tuition and other helpful benefits as well.

Do you have any suggestions, I would love to discuss them with you.

What other benefits might you suggest?

What benefits would make you want to work as a Master Guide at one of our Seventh Day Adventist Churches?

Shoot me an email at the following address.

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