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How an Average Student can Pay Tuition

How an Average Student can Pay Tuition

Some practical suggestions to pay your tuition.

These ideas are both traditional and time tested. I would like to discuss some traditional methods I have discovered in my travels.

1.Scholarships-      Academic scholarship generally awarded to the A students.

What if your grades are not stellar?

2. Athletic scholarships-     generally awarded to the physically superior. What if you’re not LeBron James? 3.Scientific Scholarships –    Awarded to the scientifically gifted. What if you are not Steve Hawkins?

4.Literary Scholarships-       Awarded to persons that have mastered the English language and are creative. What if you are not Maya Angelou?

5.Online colleges-     Very convenient and will save a great deal of time if you are disciplined. Online classes can be just as expensive as traditional schools. Consider this. Before I lost my sight, I took an online class that set me back over two thousand dollars. What if I am not Eric Trump?

I ask these questions that the average person of average academic and average everything have been asking. In no way shape or form am I advocating mediocrity. However, not everyone can be outstanding in ways that win us the money we need to get a full ride for college or other levels of higher education. So the question remains, how does the average American get a college degree without acquiring the suffocating debt that is epidemic in America?

Scholars fund takes advantage of time tested methods of paying for your expensive education. We use these same methods to help you get out of tuition debt without using other loans.

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