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How you can reach ANY goal

How you can reach ANY goal

God created our minds for unlimited learning and understanding. How much we learn is limited by us and us alone. You don’t necessarily have to be an eternal college student for life long learning. Pick up a book from your nearest library.

Our creativity is astronomical as evidenced by the mapping of of the human genome, landing the drone on Mars, and cars created for the blind.

Question. Why can’t a very intelligent person like you earn one million dollars? Or two million dollars? How did the above examples come to life?

Someone had an idea. That person was not afraid to follow through with that idea. That person did not allow the naysayers to discourage Them. These creative people avoided the naysayers and banded with like-minded people and turned the thought into reality.
Our creator has given us the power to reach any goal.
First, we just determine what goal we want to reach.
Second, determine a time frame.
Third, write your goal down.
Forth, read it every day.
Fifth, discuss it with like-minded persons, AVOID THE NEGATIVE CHARACTERS.
Sixth, determine the steps you need to take. Write them down.
Seventh, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Errors and mistakes are parts of the road you must travel to reach your goal and the state of perfection.
Eighth, remember perfection is not a destiny but a journey. The more you do something you love to do, such as help others, the more perfect your performance.
Ninth, give yourself realistic time frame to reach your goal. I like to do this by breaking up the major goal into many smaller, bite size goals. When I do it this way the objective does not seem so overwhelming. With each small goal I conquer, I am emboldened to reach for and conquer the next aim. I do this until my objective is reached. With each rung reached I become better equipped to reach the next goal.

I used the above method with all major objectives I’ve had to face.
There is one more thing. This cannot be over stressed. Include God in all you do and He will bless all you touch. He will give you the Midas touch.

Do you have an academic dream you have been cherishing for a while?
Are you allowing finances to get in your way?

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