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We will explain this word using the example of a political party.

The Biden and Harris campaign have many moving parts. Without going into too much detail there are many people working to help get Biden become president and Senator Harris become the first woman of color to the vice presidency. Each of these people have their own work they have to do and they do it independently. Yet that independence works in conjunction with the other workers to move the campaign towards the goal of Joe Biden President. That is interdependence in a nut shell.

Scholars fund has taken that model and tweaked it just a bit to work for the American student.

We will give you additional training that will facilitate your use of the computer and cell phone apps and programs created to help you aid other student reach their goals.

This flagship program will benefit you in two ways.

You will accumulate community service hours with us.

You will earn passive income. Meaning eventually you will find monthly income in your account .

Tomorrow, after signing up, you will receive another email message describing more benefits of working with

Thank you.

Walki Arisme

Program Coordinator

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