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Make America Great Again.

Make America Great Again.

Where have we heard the above saying? Our sitting president used it to get elected, or selected. However, way you choose to see this situation. As a student you are not just getting a college education, you are also getting an education in human nature. Our leaders are human and are prone the weaknesses and trials and tribulations that every human being that has lived is prone to. Whether they want to admit it or not. The lesson to draw from this situation at the time of this writing is not to be “a hater” as they used to say in Brooklyn. I lived there most of my life. The lesson to be drawn is first, how do we help these leaders even if they make it plain they don’t want the help. Second, how will helping these leaders who apparently refuse our help, help us in the long run?

Third, learn what true Profiles in Courage looks like. We have people ,despite incredible pressure and possibly despite threats from their superiors came forward to do the right thing and tell the truth. In one hundred years history will remember these people as heroes.

Think of it this way. How do you want to be remembered by your children? When you take charge of your destiny with the help of the Great I AM, it may be difficult at the time you are doing it. However, the good book promises help will be given to us when we most need it. You are also getting a wonderful lesson as to what cowardice looks like. The media is showing us what courage looks like, In one hundred years, do you want to be remembered as the hero of the family or the coward?

Likewise I feel we are taking a stand and demanding the education due to us because of our citizenship We the students of the United States are entitled to a higher education if we desire it. It is our God given right as students. Education should not be used to segregate the have’s from the have nots.

We are not going to wait one hundred years to know what profiles in courage looks like. We can make that determination now.

We make everyone around us aware of what we are working on. We use all technology available us with in the boundaries of our finances.

We let our political leaders know what we are planning. We are not going to ask for something that already belongs to us. We are going to inform the leaders of our intentions.

We will pursue this goal until successful.

We will pursue this goal while benefiting our goal of higher education with out the tuition debt. If we already burden with debt, we will use this endeavor to rid ourselves of this financial strain.

We will alleviate our burdens by alleviating the financial burdens of others.

The above points will create interdependency that will allow us to seek higher more noble goals. This will make us great. In turn will strengthen our families. In turn we the students of the United States of America, will make America great again.

In the near future, you will be able to tell your children and grandchildren and possibly great grands, how your great country was temporarily unable to deliver on this particular promise, or inalienable right. You will be able to explain how you and a few others in your generation were able to step in and help alleviate the problem; making it possible to get a higher education without the yoke of tuition debt. You will also be able to explain how segregation based on how well students were able to pay their tuition was abolished with your input; thereby making you a hero.

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