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Mind your own business.

Mind your own business.

Mind your own business

I know of many students who worked on their businesses or worked on affiliate marketing endeavors and did very well. The thought of business brings with it thoughts of high cost, employees with attitudes, and bills. However, if you work the affiliate marketing program, the only thing you would be responsible for is getting your paycheck.

As stated in an earlier post, any student with a computer with internet access can engage in affiliate marketing and earn all the money they need to pay their tuition and anything else needed.

A student in China or Australia can create a free account with Amazon affiliate marketing program and earn tuition money while they are in calculus class learning how to deal with derivatives. A student in greenland can be earning funds while sitting in biology class with his eyes half open learning about the mitochondria . You get the idea.

Question. With all of the above blessings The Almighty has provided, why do we continue to burden or political leaders with our tuition issues?

Also why do we continue to use loans that turn us into modern day slaves?

What’s your opinion?

I would love to read it.

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