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Pay your bills..

Pay your bills..

The title of this post is curious. Isn’t it? Why would I admonish you to pay your bills?

Reader, as a student there are many wonderful opportunities open to us. I am focused on finding and bringing such positive spins to you for your evaluation. Which will hopefully allow you to make

informed decisions concerning your tuition and/or your financial situation.

Money is called currency because it was created for constant movement. It was not invented to sit somewhere collecting dust. It is a wonderful tool/servant and a despicable master.The more it is properly used the more useful it becomes. Generally the more it grows. When you master money and its uses, you will never run out of mooney.

I compare prosperity to a never ending river. This river flows in one direction. Try to imagine farmers wanting to facilitate the irrigation of their fields. Ingenuity will dictate they create a pathway for some of the water to find its way to water their crops. Once the hard work of creating the pathway is done, the farmer has irrigation that works into perpetuity. This creates several opportunities.

Irrigation of the fields is now automatic.

Technically, the work of irrigation is done for them.

They can generally count on the abundance of the water supply.

In the above example the astute farmer leverages the direction of the water to his advantage. In doing so the farmer minimizes the work effort needed to maintain his field and have a thriving yield each year. The farmer also maximizes profits.

My dearest fellow student.

The never ending river represents how much money is paid in bills each day in America.

Question. Do you know the best and brightest take advantage of the river’s flow to enrich themselves?

Are you aware you have the same privileges awaiting your approval?

The most logical question is, is this legal? Is it possible? Can a college student take advantage of this river of money??

I’m going to answer your question with a very well known example. I am sure you have watched television, gone to the movies, rented movies on Hulu or Netflix or a similar platform. Have you ever listened to the radio or streamned your favorite songs on to your cell phone or mp3 player? Each time you do any of the above to entertain yourself, you create something called residual income for the entertainers that made the amusement possible. These entertainers will be paid for the rest of their lives each time their one time work is used anywhere, anytime. You know what else? The star or singer does not have to know who is paying them. It gets better. Even after your favorite star passes away, each time his/her work is used the family or estate gets paid. The same with a book that was written centuries ago. If the book continues to be in print, it doesn’t matter for how long the author, author’s family or estate continues to benefit monetarily from each sale of the book.

My fellow student, there are student taking advantage of the residual income right now by positioning themselves to benefit from the proverbial river of money Simply by situating themselves strategically, they earn a handsome income for as long as they want to.

Did you think only the stars benefit from residual income. Are you beginning to see the difference between linear compensation and exponential compensation?

Performers and authors are masters at residual and passive income. Passive income is similar to residual income in the sense you earn it from a previous transaction. Both are similar because both types of income continue to arrive in your bank account.

Both compensation types lead to exponential income. This simply means you get your raises regularly and in very, very significant amounts.

Fellow student the above compensation I described is easier to acquire than landing the job everyone is always fighting for.

Do you know what the word JOB stands for? Just Over Broke. A study reveals most Americans are one pay check from being homeless. I am told by my bankers at WellsFargo, most of their clients don’t have one hundred dollars in their accounts.

That being said, how can we not expect the student loan companies to not take advantage of us the way they have been doing? How can we wield the power to solve or meet this challenge, and not rise up and meet it?

With great power comes great responsibility. I feel we are responsible for how, when, and how are education is paid for. Leaving this responsibility to another is simply irresponsible.

The concept I’m developing in this post is very simple. Pay your bills. Pay them faithfully.


The river money described in this post flows almost indefinitely. Again, why? Everyone pays their bills. No matter what the circumstance, you need your electricity to have your lights turned on and your x-box to play your video games. You need heart to warm your home or where ever you reside. Don’t you? Each day people pay their cell phone bills, water bills, buy gas for commuting they pay their cable bills, car payments and, wait for it, their tuition.

Here’s the part that is going to blow your mind. It is not illegal to strategically position yourself, so that each time you pay your bills, and others pay theirs, YOU GET PAID. Thee previous statement is the personification of asset. You make a small investment, and that investment gives returns perpetually and continues to grow over time.

It took a long time for me to comprehend that concept. The best way to grasp passive income is with the example of a multi-unit building owner that collects rent each month. This is also an example of residual income because the building owner made one transaction and continues to collect rent for the rest of the time the renter lives there.

With residual and passive income being so simple to take advantage of, I ask again, why are you not doing this? Why are you stressing over your tuition? Why have you not been helping our fellow students get out of the rat race?

If a regular Joe Shmoe like me knows of this wonderful plan, what about you, a fellow very intelligent student??

When can we talk about your passive/residual income?

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