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Seek and you will find

Seek and you will find

My fellow student. Student are trained to read so that they read to learn. We read to learn how to seek answers we need. Have you noticed, at least I hope you have noted this fact by now, your research papers, lab work and take home exams always end up being answers you need to find?

Let’s take it one step further. Have you also noticed, the better you are at finding answers the better your grades tend to be?

So is it reasonable to say a good student is a good researcher and a good researcher gets good grades?

Let’s take it one more step. How many steps are in this blog post anyway?

The longer you are in college or any school of higher education, the higher you climb on the ladder of success the better you get at finding answers.

Why don’t we, us students I mean, use this wonderful skill to our advantage?

I am going to ask one more question.

Have you noticed, in general, the easier something is to find or acquire the more troble it seems to get you in? Good examples would be credit cards, and the loan applications that seem to migrate into your lab.

Where am I going with all of this?

Being my passion lies with getting students their higher education without cost or art least minimal cost you probably have a sense of where this discussion is going.

Even if you are fresh out of high school, you already have research skills. Put them to good use and go to school AND PAY NO MONEY OF YOUR own, capitalization added for emphasis.

Scholars fund has taken the sting out of this research skill. I am sure you have done research activities both in high school and college. Turn researching and finding scholarship, grants, internships, fellowships, work study programs into a group activity and see for yourself if the active participants of your group will not be overwhelmed with grant money.

The “easy” is not easy at all. More than likely you will have a lifetime to pay off debt that is unpayable. You will have to move back in with your parents. You will not be able to get your license if your training requires you to do so to perform your professional duties. You may have to get more than two low paying jobs. Those paychecks will be subject to garnishments. You will be subject to fraud committed by the student loan companies such as: waiting five years after you have completely paid off your loan to send you a letter stating that you need to pay off the loan or your paychecks will be garnished, and your credit will be destroyed.

My fellow student use your research skills to pay for your higher education.

Contact us to learn how you can use the research skills you already have to create a very handsome passive income while in school.

Shoot me an email at

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