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Student Stewardship

Student Stewardship

How much money can you scrape up just applying stewardship? Keep in mind stewardship is the art of being frugal. It is not being cheap. Student Stewardship involves being careful where the little money you have is being spent.

This next example will illustrate my point.

I lost my vision in May of 2019. Before then, I was able to drive myself to different types of restaurants even if they were in different counties from where I lived. At the time I did not want to realize how much this was costing me. I had to drive to the place, spend the money, then drive back. I am spending three times the money for one event. Losing my sight has given me insight into my spending habits. Please don’t wait for something bad to happen before taking a hard look at your finances. Becoming blind, I was no longer able to take myself to the places I regularly threw money away. My spending became disciplined out of force

Have fun. Your college years will never come back. These are years your parents will finally see you as an adult. Take it slow, don’t get into too much trouble. Some problems you get yourself into will follow you for the rest of your life. I am not saying to be a miser. I’m just saying don’t be too quick to blow all your Christmas, and birthday money.

Stewardship is also a biblical principle. The good book stresses the balance involving all things. When you can achieve balance between your studies, work, and fun, you will find that you will really enjoy yourself. You will never forget your college years. I would like to add, when you manage your money frugally you will pay off your tuition while studying, getting good grades and having the time of your life. Why not? You have the rest of your life to be stressed out.

Minding your own business entails using means available to you to pay your tuition.

I hope the above mentioned ideas are useful.

Let’s have a discussion about it.

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