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Tell your friends.

Tell your friends.

The young American  proliferates information faster than the speed of thought, especially when it is a good idea. Am I right? Or am I right? I’ve been looking for a good example of an online petition we can take advantage of. If you know of one, will you please email it to me at

I was thinking of starting this way. I will build a landing page that explains the motive and will include a request for immediate action by submitting their real names and email addresses. This information will be verified.

I will  also include a promise to give them a free gift upon verification of the name and email address.

This project is going to be an example of group effort via interdependence. It will epitomize interdependence because it will be done on cyber space. It will be the single most powerful thing students have ever done .

We will propagate this plan leveraging the power of the internet,  social media, and the most powerful of them all, YOU. When everyone reading this blog/post and shares it with all their friends on their social media the movement would have begun. Because of this powerful example of interdependence, we will become student leaders. In other words, the leaders will be impressed with our accomplishments they will look to us for inspiration.

The greatest sign of approval is emulation. Student look around the world. You will find that all countries on earth have copied something the United States has promulgated. They copy the best of what we do. We can do the same and emulate their best attributes to better ourselves.

Our first step is going to be to form a simple letter of petition. This document will outline our request and who will be involved by way of the names and email addresses. We send this document via social media, to any other person  you  feel can benefit from this movement. Remember this is an internet project. There are some who have no internet access. Accommodations may have to be made to include them in this adventure.

Send me your ideas at

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