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The Online Petition

The Online Petition

In a previous post, I discussed getting together, on a web platform, to start our project. Before we run, we must crawl, walk and then run. Don’t you agree?

I have a petition ready to be analyzed. Ii am going to make it available for the general public. Please be gentle. It will be available for a limited amount of time for your review. If you feel it needs revision, please send your revision to the email address below at the end of this post. We will consider you’re your revision. After all this is a group effort, isn’t it? Please leave your name and email address on the simple form. That information will be verified before further action is taken. If and when the revisions are made you will be notified by email. Before each step is taken all participants with valid names and email addresses will be notified first. It is not practical for us to wait to receive ALL responses before proceeding to the next steppes. When we have a representative number of responses we will proceed, however not before notification.

The landing page is going to have a brief explanation of what we need you to do.

The following are some initial steps we need to take.

  1. Prepare the petition. This document will go through a few revisions before it is officially launched.
  2. We are going to need as many students as possible to criticize this petition. This will be done by your sending the link to EVERYONE you know. Please use every social media platform you participate in. Use email and forums chat rooms to pass the word along. Word of mouth is the most productive way to send a message. Viral marketing is second most effective.
  3. Inform everyone with a device with internet access of this plan. For everyone you help get happily involved, you will get the credit.
  4. A free gift will be distributed to all participants via email. If you know someone who wants to get involved but does not have internet access have them call computers for the at (214) 340 6328.
  5. All valid names and email addresses are eligible to work with us, yes for money, when this plan of action is well under way. We need the help. This is a huge undertaking. Just to be clear, we are not promising a job. We are saying you will be able to work with us FOR MONEY. Capitalization added for emphasis.
  6. You will be empowered to authorize others.
  7. All information will be disseminated via email. When you empower others be sure to have them add a valid email address where they can be reached. Some people seldom read their emails. Encourage your participants to leave contact information they visit frequently. We will have paid work frequently become available. We do not know when or how often. We do know we will need a lot of help.
  8. You will be vetted. A profile has to be created in order for you to get paid. A fee will be assessed to perform the vetting and create your profile. Your funds will be directly deposited into your bank account. Everyone you authorize to join this effort will go through the process described above.
  9. Everyone you help join this effort will be assigned a tracking code. This will help us keep your pay accurate
  10. Everything is done securely on the web. Privacy is strictly kept as with any professional organization. These are some initial thoughts. 

Let’s discuss this over an email.

Shoot me an email at the following email address.

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