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The power of leveraging.

The power of leveraging.

What is leveraging?

How do students like us use this wonderful power?

How does interdepenedence use the power of leveraging?

Leveraging is using a certain ability to make a certain task easier to accomplish. For example: As a student I leverage the power of my studies to earn a decent moral living in the future. The knowledge I glean from my classes are my leverage to gain that knowledge and eventually earn the living a seek to earn. Consult the dictionary for a scientific definition of leverage.

Businesses leverage the intelligence, strength and skills of their employees to achieve their ultimate goal of service an a profit.  Suppose you want to earn one thousand dollars in one day. You have an option. You can either do it by yourself and wear yourself out doing it. Or you leverage the skills and strength of another person to help you reach that goal. Each time you go to work or help someone do something, your intelligence, strength and skills are being leveraged to reach a certain goal. In other words, your help makes the job easier. Logically, the greater the amount of units of leverage, in this case the people helping, the more the power, and generally  the easier the task, and the faster the goal can be reached.

Ow can you use leveraging to pay your tuition and avoid tuition debt? You knew I was going there. Didn’t you?

There are several ways to leverage the effort of others to reach your student goals. I will briefly mentioned a few more in this post.

You can leverage the effort of parents and friends. You can use work as mentioned in previous posts.   Or you can network with others and exponentially increase the results of your efforts. My personal experience has proven one plus one does not equal two. You read the previous sentence correctly. Please allow me to elaborate. When at least two people make up their minds to do something together, the results are often exponential. One plus one will often equal infinity. I do  not exaggerate. As a student I am sure you are familiar with the equation energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared.  I have often witnessed and have participated in the same phenomena where human cooperation vis a vis interdependence is concerned. The phenomena is not hard at all. The challenge is in the believability  that the much sought after result  can be achieved. When you get two or three persons to believe a goal can be reached, whatch out

The good book states “All things are possible for those who believe.” The difficulty is in believing that our great nation can achieve the goal of higher education tuition free or at least with out tuition debt.!!

There are more students today than any other members in any other group on earth. That means we wield great power. With great power, comes great responsibility.

I feel we should use this ability to do something very positive to initially increase our believability. Kind of like the little choochoo that thought she could, them knew she could, then did it. Let’s do something simple first. May I suggest a national petition?

When can you join me in this adventure?

I need your help.

Shoot me an email. We can start a conversation.

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