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The Servant Leader Principle.

The Servant Leader Principle.

I am no longer one to complain about what our leaders do or do not do. I’ve discovered, the time it takes me to voice my displeasure, I could’ve found a way to conquer the problem. I have discovered that a problem is an opportunity turned on its head. We, the students of the United States have an uncanny way of seeing the half empty portion of the glass. Most, if not all “problems” have a constructive positive side. The trouble is in the way we view the issue.

For example, let’s say I’m standing on one side of my house, and my wife is standing on the other side; we will have different views of the house. However it is the same house. The difference lies in the side you choose to be looking at. That being said, the actions you choose to execute will largely depend on what  side of the house you choose to see.

Likewise the tuition debt issue we face  is largely due to our chosen  perception. Our action or inaction is largely due to how we see a situation . Therefore a favorable result is really our decision.

It is therefore logical to conclude, the problem is ours and not the politicians. We can take the lead in this adventure and lead our leaders by our examples. Steven Covey calls this the servant leader principle. Your leaders follow you because of the  example  you have set for them

Any revolution takes time to plan and has to be very carefully executed.

The first is to inform the leaders of our intentions and rally support. I believe 100000000 names and email addresses might attract some attention. We should take this petition to the Political leaders most sympathetic to our cause.

What’s your opinion?

I would love to know Shoot me an email at the following email address.

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