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The spirit of interdependence

The spirit of interdependence

Interdependence is a strange term. I am going to tell you why. According to the book The Seven Habits of the Most Highly Effective People by Steven Covey, also from a student’s point of view, it simply means being independently minded enough to work effectively with other independently minded persons to reach a common goal. That being said the next principle I am about to describe maybe hard to understand by some members of the student community

Independent thinking is the goal of learning in America Mike Bloomberg once said so eloquently. You learn to read so that you can read to learn. I believe most students will back me up when I say the more a student reads the he/she understands and the more functional he/she becomes in their community.

The human body is my favorite example of the concept of interdependence The healthier the body is the healthier you can believe each cell will do its job. N doing its job independently that cell is working with other cells and allows them to do their work effectively. When all cells in the body are doing their work well, the organism is moving towards the goal, not only of survival but also of thriving in its environment. If for whatever reason the head is having pain, a headache, the rest of the cells do not relax and say well the head is sick. When the head is doing well, we will pick up where we left off. If the human body were to behave in such a fashion, where would the human be today?

In like manner, we the students of the United States must work as independently if not more independently than ever before given the state or our government presently. At the time of this writing, President Trump, and Rudolph giuliani are facing some serious issues. Reader, do you think they have time to worry about the financially disabled student?

With the help of the Great I AM, we can work together to reach the goal of higher education with out the threat of debt for life .

I have the following dream. Now that it is on paper it is now a goal isn’t it?Students get together and figure out what we have to do get any or all students that want to participate in this show of interdependence. Of course with technology being what it is today this is something that is not very hard. I feel the first step has to be informing as many students and supporters of this movement as we can.

What’s your opinion?

I would love to know.

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