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The Two Hundred Thousand Dollar Scholarship

The Two Hundred Thousand Dollar Scholarship

My fellow student, in my research to bring you a conglomerate of small scholarship that you can piece together to create the full ride, that you deserve by the way, I have come across some funds of substantial amounts. It a blind disabled man can find funds that will allow you to study abroad at schools such as Oxford or find funds worth $200,000 that are renewable, why shouldn’t a young whipper snapper such as yourself be able to find much more than that. The $200,000 scholarship only requires a grade point average of 2.5. You don’t have to be a super athlete, have a perfect SAT score. You need to show financial need. To show financial need you need to fill out the online application. To fill out the online application you need to know the funds are they’re for the asking. If you don’t do the research how on Earth will you know the funds are there waiting for you?

You may say, how do I know I will win the funds?

My question to you is how do you know you will not win the funds? The only way to be sure you will NOT win the funds is NOT to apply.

What happens if I do not win the scholarship?

You will be painted blue and shipped to Pluto. Just kidding.

It gets easier to win that scholarship. Why?

The most difficult part of applying for a scholarship is when you apply for the first time. Not knowing what the committee is going to ask for can be daunting. The nervousness of not knowing if you will get this money can cause vexation of the spirit. Receiving the letter in the mail with the name of the scholarship committee name on it, and it’s a very thin letter can cause you to go to the bathroom faster than you can make it to the toilet.

However, Remember, persistence beats resistance.

Reapply, reapply, reapply. What am I trying to say? Reapply.

Keep all copies of your application. With each refusal letter, contact the scholarship committee by email or phone call and ask them as politely and even some reverence what you could’ve done to improve your chances of winning the funds. There is no known law against reapplying for funds you really need. Each time you reapply, the butterflies in your belly will fly less, you will get faster at it, and you get closer to winning the funds.

The secretary of the organization receiving your application will get to know you. Our experience has been when a student applies for a fund several times each time, they reapply their application is placed at the top of the file. Each time you call the committee the secretary may get to know you by name. At times they thank you for your tenacity. In the process our experience with the funds committees has been the staff may give pointers that guide you towards the path of winning the funds.

There is another skill gained student often overlook. You gain organization. If you consider yourself an organized person you will find that skill gets sharper. It you do not consider yourself an organized person you will find you will become disciplined out of necessity.

I must take a break right here to elaborate on another benefit or skill from chasing after loan-free money.

The Aggregate Full Scholarship will not only help you gain money to fully fund your higher education, whatever those goals maybe. The AFS will give you a skill you will carry with you FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Capitalization added for emphasis. Applying for a scholarship requires research skills.

Do you remember all those useless research papers you wrote in high school or college? You will sharpen those research skills when you hunt for scholarship money.

You will do research on yourself.

You will do research on the scholarship. You will need to address the scholarship committee and show them why they have to give you the money. To do that you have to know about the organization sponsoring the money you need.

You have to do research to know how you will address their challenges.

The scholarship organization is working to solve a problem. You have to convince cabinet that you can solve the problem or give it a darn good try.

You have to know the chamber members.

Knowing who the decision markets are or who will be reading your essay is very helpful. You must do research into the backgrounds of those members to know how best to answer the questions they ask during the interview if one is required.

The next point is worth reiteration. Each time you apply for a scholarship your skills get sharper and you get better and faster at it. You will note when applying for several funds the questions tend to be similar. The application may ask for referrals from authority figures that are not parental such as the leaders of community centers you volunteered for; or the name and address of your boss. Being you have already gathered than information already you will go through the next applications rather quickly, with less nervousness.

You will develop thick skin. You will note an art major should probably not apply for an engineering scholarship. You will gain a skilled eye at spotting those funds that fit you the best and will know when to apply for them. You will get so good at applying and getting the scholarship you will hunt down and enjoy getting money you need to graduate from school loan-free.

At that point Scholars fund will invite you to join our force. You will get paid a stipend to help others gain the skills you gained during your quest for loan-free tuition money.

Oh and by the way below is the URL for that $200,000 scholarship. We make an effort to publicize the substantially large scholarships on or blog.

Oh Also Scholars fund provides scholarship information via email. To sign up for this free service go to

I would like to talk to you about the $200,000 scholarship.

Shoot me an email at the following email address.

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