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Use your resources

Use your resources

Students have V A S T resources they can draw from. Many of them have already been discussed in this blog. Our nation has made it possible to draw from the large river of money currency to do what we have to and what we want to do. If for whatever reason we do not have the funds to attend our classes, ask yourself the question, did I take advantage of my resources?? Remember the more you help your fellow student or fellow human being the more resources become available to you. It’s some kind of law.

The cell phone device you have is a very effective tool that can be used to pay your tuition and any other bills you may incur during your college career

Question. Are you able to use your mobile device to create an income?

Are you able to empower another student to use their mobile devices to pay their bills?

Can you use your cell phone to create your income whether or not you are working?

Fellow student, this initiative is already at work. Are you taking advantage of it? If not, why not?

You already have all you need to create an income. Why aren’t you using it?

You have the energy of your youth. You have the technology. The internet makes everyone just a social media click away.

Viral marketing works well with bad news. It works just as well with good news. For example you find out the lap top you have been coveting just went on sale at 75 percent off, how fast would you be on Instagram reporting your findings?

Suppose you find out, on campus, a Fed Exsotre is about to open and they are hiring college students at a rate of 17.00 dollars per hour, and they need 13 student workers immediately. How fast would your friends know about this if you were the first to find out?

Likewise, we are going to need the same zeal to let students know they don’t have to be tortured any longer.

Will you help with this plan?

Inquiring minds want to know.

We need to get the rubber to the road as soon as possible.

What’s your opinion?

I’d love to know.

Shoot me an email at the following address.

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