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Scholarship Myths and Truths

Scholarship Myths and Truths

Hello. My name is Walki Arisme. I am a program coordinator with Scholars Fund. I am here to tell you about a few myths concerning scholarships.

Myth 1: Only students with the highest grade point averages get the full scholarships.

Not true. Any student with averages ranging from “A” to “C” can and will get full scholarships. Though having a good grade point average certainly helps, it is not the only determining factor that is considered by the scholarship committee. Where the student grew up, leadership qualities, and community service are also factors that are weighed.

Myth 2: Only the most athletic, such as the Olympic gold medalist, get the full scholarships.

Again not true. Scholars Fund, in no way shape or form, ever encourages the sedentary lifestyle of the student. However, there are students who cannot walk from the kitchen to their front door without stopping to take a breather. Nonetheless, those students quite frequently earn a full scholarship.

Myth 3: You have to have a father like Bill Gates or Donald Trump in order to fully fund your education and graduate debt-free.

Not true. Students from all walks of life and financial situations earn full scholarships— most go on to get several advanced degrees. In fact there is a pattern between the poorest of the students and  those that get their doctoral degrees.

Myth 4: A student who does not have the help of their parents must choose between living with their high school degrees, or getting a higher education and living in debt for the rest of their lives.

Not true. A student who does not have the support of their parents or guardians can usually get more money in PELL grants. In addition, there are a myriad of awards based on family situations for different scenarios like an orphaned student and other factors that are beyond the control of the student.

Myth 5: Parents have to take on a second mortgage or get another job, or sell a limb.

Not true. Parents have an advantage in this situation. One thing that motivates parents more than anything else is realizing they do not have to perform the extremes noted above to pay their child’s tuition. In fact, parents are more motivated than their children where tuition payment is concerned. Our experience has been students feel tuition is not their problem, it is an issue to be dealt with by the parents.

As the program coordinator for Scholars Fund, my job is to instruct parents on how to get their hands on the funds needed to pay for their child’s tuition. We have other colorful programs.

For example:

The Nugget Plan

This is a plan we use to encourage both parents and students alike to help us find college-bound students who need money for their tuition.

The Million Dollar Scholarship Club

For anyone who uses our methods to find money for college.

Team member

These students have opted to assist us in helping other students find money for their higher education.

The above are just a few. When anyone shows an interest in gaining the funds they are entitled to, using our plan, they are put through rigorous training in anticipation of that person becoming a team member.

If you have any questions concerning our plans for student success, please send your inquiries to

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