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A letter to the future scholarship awardee.

A letter to the future scholarship awardee.

Fellow student,

In searching for scholarships, grants, internships, fellowships, tuition reimbursement, and work study programs, did you ever stop to think, “What about what I want in an internship?” Each time you apply to one of the above-mentioned financial aid programs, you are told what you must do to win those opportunities.

I have a few radical questions for you.

Have you ever considered telling those entities what they need to do to win your favor?

Have you ever asked yourself, “When is someone going to call me and ask me if I could grace them by participating in their tuition event?”

Have you ever made a list of items you are looking for to send to the entity the “You’re approved!” letter and to say that they are privileged to be accepted by you?

Have you ever dreamed of watching the scholarship committee sweat over when they are going to receive your letter and watch them grieve over the “thin” envelope?

In the next few months, Scholars Fund is accepting suggestions. We want the student to tell us what they want in a scholarship, grant, internship, fellowship, tuition reimbursement, and work study program. This is going to be a fun experiment. We are debating on whether we should receive the responses privately, over an email, or publicly over the blog post response method.

Scholars Fund feels it is time for the people that provide the tuition aid to ask us what we want.

While we wait for your response, we can offer a few suggestions.

We want the scholarship committees to ask about the following:

  • Hard work
  • Leadership programs initiated
  • Things we are passionate about
  • Communities we participate in
  • Internet activities that went viral
  • Cell phone applications (aka “apps”) we have created or contributed significantly to
  • Fundraisers we have spearheaded
  • Video games we are good at
  • Video games we have created and gone viral
  • Silly videos you have created using your cell phone
  • Social media community events, such as school shootings

Please feel free to add much more to the list above. Do not be embarrassed to add what you think is important.

Send all “silly” ideas. Scholars Fund will weed out what we feel is inappropriate before making your suggestions public.

Once we have what we consider a representative number of suggestions, we will publish them in a different post.

For starters you can begin by sending your thoughts by responding to this blog post or sending them to

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