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Work Study Programs for College Students

Work Study Programs for College Students

Work Study Programs for College Students

A work study program is just that: the student works while attending college. In many cases, the student has to inquire before applying for the position of choice. Once hired, the student can work full-time at the school for a tuition-free education.

To reiterate, you must double-check that the college will agree to spot you while you work for them. While I am not sure about the part-time work, I do know that if a student works full-time and gets perks like medical benefits, vacation time, and sick time, they can also enjoy taking classes in between shifts. Some of these full-time positions will allow the student to take time off for final exams.

Generally it goes a little something like this (though the process may differ):

You work full-time during the day. After work, you go to class. On your days off, you use the library to do your studying and you catch up to the research work you’ve been putting off.

All the while, you are getting paid for full-time work and getting full benefits.

Hopefully, the work you are doing is in line with your career choice.

You can acquire your Master’s degree or Doctorate using this method without paying one red cent out of pocket.

How cool is that?

Getting a job on campus is not very difficult. Ask all of your professours if they know of a teacher that needs a research assistant.

Go to the student work office and when you interview, ask the future boss if he/she needs someone full-time.

Ask the librarian if extra help is needed.

Go to the cafeteria and see if the staff needs more help.

While you’re at it, if the work you do happens to qualify as community service, that can be used on your resume for future jobs.

This next part is so obvious I am not sure it has to be said:

Try and find work that is within your field of study. It may become your next career.

Let’s sum it up.

  • You work at your school.
  • You get paid a full time salary.
  • Go to your classes for free.
  • You never, ever owe any money in student loans.
  • You will probably get a job in your field of study.
    • Why? Because the staff is already used to you and likes you. They will not go looking outside for a stranger when they have a person they are happy with them already.

There is a less palatable way to pay tuition. We call it the “pay as you go method.”

This is for the student who chooses to work one semester and pays the tuition for the next semester. This method frequently takes up to eight years to complete a bachelor’s program. The bright side is that the student graduates with no tuition debt.

We also have what Scholars Fund considers the ideal way to pay your tuition: earn good grades, and still have the time of your life while acquiring your education. Interdependent effort among students is a way to reach the above mentioned student status. It is a principle we have seen work time and again for students of higher education. This interdependent principle works as follows:

Two or three students get together and start an enterprise on or off campus. They provide a service to their student community or the community at large. This enterprise provides goods or services needed by the student community or the community the school resides in. With the earnings, the enterprise is expanded by including other students who need the work. This very basic model serves to illustrate how the student engaged in this enterprise is benefited and how the community they serve is benefited. Time is allotted to each student for exams, research papers and other school projects. The owners of the enterprise are able to pay their tuition, earn some money for pizza, minimize time spent at work, and best of all, pay less taxes.

“Too good to be true,” you say? Believe it or not, the principle of interdependence is being applied all over this country.

Now ask yourself this:

Why would you take out the homicidal student loans when you can get paid to go to school?

Here is a list of Fortune 1000 Companies that provide non loan tuition aid.


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