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How to Use a Breakfast Club to Pay Your Entire Tuition

How to Use a Breakfast Club to Pay Your Entire Tuition

Napoleon Hill wrote in his book Think and Grow Rich about the Breakfast Club. Though, I do not remember how he termed it. It was a group of people with similar goals that got together to brainstorm. Each member of the group had to bring valuable information to the table each time the members met. The rules are strict: If a member failed to do this more than once they were ousted from the group or the “breakfast club.” As you can see, the rules are not many, but they are strict. When these rules are adhered to, copious amounts of money can be made. Everyone in the group benefits. They say a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. A breakfast club is only as good as the least effective group member.

How does all of this apply to a college student? Elsewhere in this blog, I indicated when two or three students gather to find scholarships, they will discover more money than they need to cover their entire higher education career.

It works a little something like this: First, you cannot have a breakfast club with only one student. Two or more serious students will do the trick. It must be said that the more serious students involved, the more award money is generated from the effort. The irony is in the number of students involved. When more students are involved, you run the risk of working with students who are there to benefit but have no desire to contribute to the cause. This is where the rest of the members need to forget friendship and oust the deadbeat members.

I have found that choosing a leader to lead this adventure can bring a more focused search from all members. I have also witnessed very effective breakfast clubs that do not need the leader, per se.

Set goals. Along with finding the award money needed for your education, each member needs to be held accountable for the number of awards they bring to the table.

Each member is responsible for finding the award, vetting the award, and bringing this legitimate award to the table.

Each member will not only search for awards for him/herself, they are also on the lookout for an award that may suit one of the other breakfast club members.

Each member is responsible for bringing at least two viable awards to each meeting.

Once at the meeting, the awards are discussed and swapped. Then, you have breakfast. After all, that is why it is called the breakfast club, is it not?

At the next meeting, you repeat the steps above except everyone discusses which awards they applied for. If anyone actually got awarded one or more scholarships, that person gets a free breakfast at the next meeting. This process continues until everyone reaches the goal of a full ride. Those who reach that summit first will hopefully help the others get there too.

The writers of The Ultimate Scholarship Book series used this method to finance their Harvard education and had hundreds of thousands of dollars of award invitations even after they graduated. They completely financed their expensive education without using one red cent of their own.

There is an award called the Breakfast Club award sponsored by iHeartradio. You will find a discussion of this scholarship below.

iHeartMedia, which distributes The Breakfast Club, has partnered with The Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) to present scholarship awards to exceptional students who are attending and in good standing at any Predominantly Black Institutions (PBIs) or HBCU. The Breakfast Club, hosted by DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Yee, is the most listened to urban radio talk show in the country.

Eighty-two (82) scholars will be chosen to receive scholarships for the approaching academic school year. Scholarships may only be utilized for verifiable costs associated with average tuition and customary fees.

Applicants must be enrolled as a full-time Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior during the coming academic school year must have a current cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, be able to exhibit leadership abilities, must be able to validate a financial need and must be a US Citizen or permanent legal resident.

To Apply
Applicants must supply a copy of their most current FAFSA Student Aid Report and an (official or unofficial) transcript from the most recent completed academic period-including your end of Fall grades and cumulative GPA.

Applicants also need to upload a letter of reference from an advisor or professor from your attending college or university and you must answer essay and video questions.

The award amount is $5,000, and the deadline is usually in MARCH.

Click Here For More Details and/or to Apply.

If you would like more information on forming a breakfast club, send your inquiry to

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