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Scholarships for General Purpose

Scholarships for General Purpose

Scholarships for General Purpose

Reader, if you thought I was kidding about the types of scholarships available for anyone to use, below I have provided a few examples of awards given.

Most of these awards are:

  • Not based on merit
  • Not based on need
  • Not based on association

In addition:

  • You do not need to be an athlete
  • You do not need stellar grades. In fact, our experience has been that for most of these awards, you are not asked to provide report cards to be a recipient.
  • No financial documentation is requested to get these awards.

It is possible to use the following awards to supplement your tuition. However, the purpose of these scholarships is to help with everyday expenses the student encounters.

Some examples are provided below for your evaluation.

These examples were pulled from The Ultimate Scholarship Book 2020.

Please click on the name of the Scholarship to be rerouted to the website where more information will be provided for your examination. The names of the awards were turned into hyperlinks thanks to Patty L. Fletcher and Casey Matthews.

Moolah Spot

Amount: $1,000

Purpose: General


College JumpStart Scholarship Fund

Amount: $1,000

Purpose: College or graduate school expenses


$1,000 Plan for College Sweepstakes

Amount: $1,000

Purpose: College expenses

This amount is awarded to its recipient once per month.

No essay required.


$1,000 Dollar Scholarship Detective Launch Scholarship

Amount: $1,000

Purpose: General


1 for 2 Education Foundation Scholarship

Amount: Varies

Purpose: General


1Dental Scholarship

Amount: $500

Purpose: General


Disabled Veterans of the First Marine Division

Amount: $1,750

Purpose: General


Navy Marine Corps Relief Society.

Amount: $500 to $3,000

Purpose: General


Adult Skills Education Award.

Award: $1,000

Purpose: Helping adult learners with tuition


AFSA National Essay Contest

Amount: $2,500.

Purpose: General


Agriculture Council of America

Amount: $1,000

Purpose: General


Akash Kuruvilla Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $1,000

Purpose: General


The awards above are only a small sample of what is available on the internet and the books we mention below.


The Ultimate Scholarship Book 2020

Scholarships are for “C” Students

This book describes how a “C” student like Felicia Hatcher got into college, paid for, and finished her degree without paying one red cent out of pocket.

This book also has awards for students in all walks of life. These scholarships are broken down in categories such as ethnicity, resident state, state the college resides in, your major, your minor, and miscellaneous items such as your height.

We suggest you click on the name of the awards above to activate the link.

Then, send the committee an email with the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of this scholarship?
  • Who is eligible?
  • Who is the target applicant?
  • What is the amount?
  • Is this award renewable?
  • How many awards are given?
  • What is the deadline?
  • How does one apply for this award?


Apply to each scholarship.

List questions in order of deadlines.

Note: If the award is fitting to your situation, by all means, ask for an application in your email.


Good Scholarships for Good Students

This book was written for the student with straight A’s, the student endowed with  athletic ability, or the student that has excelled in a certain field of study.

This book is full of awards that provide the proverbial “full ride.” You will find scholarships to study abroad, for oceanic study, and all types of research.

In some cases, the scholarship committee will award the students with a stipend to spend as they please. To add icing on the cake, some of these research activities have paid internship programs for the better student.

It gets even better.

A student that finds themselves in such a coveted position may also get a job at the end of the study.

We ask you again, why would you want to take tuition loans that will bind you, possibly for the rest of your life, when you can get paid to get your education?

For more information on how to take advantage of these scholarship opportunities, send your inquiries to

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