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Using Your Resources to Get the Full ride

Using Your Resources to Get the Full ride

Using your resources to get the full ride. Sent to Patty.


When it comes to scholarships, many student and parents learned to rely almost completely on the internet. No doubt there are myriads of web sites that purport  to helping you find a gazillion dollars of awards. There are a lot of awards on the web.

How many of them can you use?

How many of them are relevant to you, your experiences, your hobbies, your culture, your educational goals?

How many of them cater to your accomplishments, awards you have won, and the campaigns you have spearheaded?

Is the computer program able to discern your inclinations, your desires, and your passions?

Is the computer able to discern the activities you excel at and bring you the relevant scholarship applications?

We have a lot of nerve to ask the question above. Scholars fund states we can help you find award money among the billions with a “B” available each year that go unclaimed. At Scholars fund we have a unique approach. First, we use books extensively.

We use the books that have been released in the past year or two. We then ask the student to verify that the scholarship does exist once again by calling the number that is available or sending the committee an email with a list of questions. The information has already been vetted by the author. We ask you to do it again for your peace of mind. Also remember, most of the scholarship information you find at the guidance counselors’ office are found in books that are frequently updated. The same applies to the scholarship books in the college financial aid offices and your local libraries. We do not stop there we take you to the next step. We have not noticed to many sites that go out of there way to explain how the essay works in your behalf. We have not found to many sites that walk you through the interview process. On this site however we explain the procedure for writing the essay and the interview. We also take the liberty of sending you to the printed word for further instruction.

In no way shape or form are we beating up the internet. Au contraire mon frere, we are in the process of teaching you how to make the most of the internet, books and that wonderful tool that sits between your ears.

Books such as the Ultimate Scholarship Book 2021 is full to the brim with awards information that can be used in conjunction with the internet to find you enough scholarships to give you that much coveted full ride.

The following is a myth.

It is a well-known “fact” that “C” students cannot get scholarships.

Nothing can be further from the truth. Reader, if you are a student or parent needing help with tuition, I implore you to look up Felicia Hatcher of Urban Excellence. She literally wrote the book on how “C” students can get a higher education without paying one red cent.

The book is called

Scholarships for the “C” student.

Felicia Hatcher walks any student through the procedure needed to wing the scholarships you need to totally finance your education to whatever level you choose to reach. She does this using the books the internet and what God has given her. Her mind.

When looking for college tuition money do not be bogged down to using just one source. Combine your resources, speak to the guidance counselors, invest in books such as the Ultimate Scholarship Book 2021 and the Scholarships for “C” student book. Even if you don’t get the  one scholarship that will pay your way through college, help you purchase all your books, pay your room and board, and last but not least pay for transportation if you happen to dorm in an urban area such as NYU, using the resources described above will help you gather the total umber of awards needed to reap all of the benefits the single scholarship could have done for you.


We are adding another feature to the mix. Research has shown when two or three students gather to seek for tuition award money, they shall find much more than they bargained for. In fact, when groups of students work together to find scholarships they tend to be two or three times as successful as the students that go at it alone.

Here we come upon another myth. Students worry if they work together with other students they are in competition with the student in that group. Therefore, the group effort becomes counterintuitive.

We have found the opposite to be true. When several students work together, one student may find an award that is not an exact fit for them but may be what a group member was looking for. Team work also fosters efficiency in that two or three times the work of searching gets done in a fraction of the time it would have taken the one student.

Scholar’s fund takes the group effort principle to another level.

COVD 19 has shown us the power of the internet. We use the Scholars fund blog to publicize when a student wins an award, with their permission. The publicity involves the name of the scholarship, the amount, the initials of the award winner, and the web site of the scholarship.

This procedure allows for other students to check out that particular award, it lets the world know that the scholarship is legit, and it makes the search for tuition money a little more efficient for the other students seeking.




The scholarship that can pay the entire tuition for the duration of your study, pay for books and transportation is very difficult to acquire. Yet getting a full scholarship by gathering the number of awards you need requires that you read a little, make proper use of the internet, use of your friends and family, and the most powerful tool of them all, your mind.

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