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Six Steps to Going to any College for Free.

Six Steps to Going to any College for Free.



Going to any college, no matter what your grade point average and athletic ability, is not difficult.

The student raises those barriers that keep them from achieving that goal. Any student can go to any school of higher education without the financial barrier with or without their own money.

Scholars Fund has derived how to reach that goal in six steps.

  1. Identify the college of choice.

We must stop here to make a clarification. Previously, we stated going to any school despite grade point average and financial ability. We must make this point absolutely clear.

We mean that you can get scholarship funding for your higher education no matter what your grade point average is. If your GPA is not up to par, the school of your choice may still reject you. However, if that same college accepts you and gives little to no financial aid, Scholars Fund is here to help.

  1. What field of study will you be pursuing? What is your major?

What is your minor? It is always a good idea to choose a minor that is related to your major. For example: if you are a journalism major, a related minor might be English.

  1. Know what your yearly tuition is going to be.

Knowing the college you want to go to and knowing the major and minor will give you a very good idea of what the yearly tuition is going to be.

Filling out the student survey THOROUGHLY will be a tremendous help with this part of the process. Use the college calculators found in this blog to help with that.

  1. Decide you are going to find scholarships worth three times the amount of yearly tuition.

If your yearly tuition is $25,000, decide now you are going to find free money worth $75,000.

USE THIS WEB SITE to locate scholarships in the needs category, the association category, and the merit category. Use our staff to help find these elusive funds.

Use the scholarship excel sheet that was sent to you. This sheet will help keep you organized.

If you do not have one, request this useful tool by sending your request to In the subject line place the words, “I need the scholarship excel sheet.”

  1. Use the Scholarship Locator. Follow all instructions.

When you get the results, choose the number of funds equal to three times the yearly college tuition.

In other words, if your yearly tuition is $25,000 choose scholarship amounts equal to $75,000.

  1. Apply like your life depends on it. Because your college career depends on it.

Use the excel sheet to keep track of deadlines, amounts won, rejections, and how many more funds you need to apply for.

Keep in mind, Scholars Fund mentions the AGGREGATE FULL SCHOLARSHIP very often in this blog. The student that follows our instructions most astutely will win this scholarship.

Repeat the above steps until your tuition is covered.

If you have any questions or misunderstanding, send your questions to

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