Scholars Fund


We understand that parents are worried about the skyrocketing cost of higher education, and the huge amount of debt that some students take on. The Scholars Fund is here to help your student identify scholarship opportunities and apply for them. The Scholars Fund is a bona-fide, 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is here to help your student until his or her college costs are fully funded – without loans!

What Do Our Scholars Get?

Help identifying scholarships for which you are eligible.
Help with writing the scholarship essay and submitting applications.
Access to billions of dollars of funds you didn’t know existed.
Email response to your scholarship questions and concerns.
Phone assistance for special circumstances

We help your student identify and apply for




Work study programs

Loan forgiveness programs

Program Requirements

The student must be:

18 years or older.

College bound or in college.

Fluent in the English language.

The owner of a device with internet access.

Able to follow instructions.

We invite your student to work with us until their entire higher education bill is paid!

Scholars Fund

What is this going to cost me?

The Scholars Fund 90-Day Program is a $500 value. CLICK HERE to learn about affordable ways for you to pay. In select cases, Scholars Fund will waive the 90-Day fee.

Start NOW

What is the first step? Ask your student to CLICK HERE to complete this student survey at no cost to you or your student 

A Heartfelt Message to Parents

We acknowledge it is effortless for a student to sign on the dotted line and receive the student loan.  But you, the parent, have been in the real world – and you know how difficult it can be to pay back debt. We’re sure you understand why it is worth the time to identify and apply for scholarships. That’s where Scholars Fund comes in. We assist your student with every step of the scholarship process:

  1. Your student completes the Student Survey at no cost to you or them.
  2. The Scholars Fund uses the information from completed Student Survey to identify scholarships, grants, internships, work-study programs, fellowships, tuition reimbursement programs, and forgivable loan policies for which your student is eligible.
  3. You or your student makes payment to The Scholars Fund in a way that is affordable to you (link to payment page).
  4. The Scholars Fund assists your student with applying for the funding programs we have identified, including help with any required essays.
  5. We work with your student until the current tuition is entirely funded.
  6. It is our expectation that we can locate enough opportunities to have your student’ current tuition covered within 90 days.

You understand the benefit: college tuition funding your student does not have to repay (as long as the funds are used appropriately). This is a tremendous financial and psychological advantage to your student as he/she moves forward into adult life.


What is the first step? Have your student CLICK HERE to complete the student survey at no cost to you or your student