Partner With Us

Scholarships allow you to pay your tuition and take most if not all of the tuition burden off your shoulders. A few will allow some money to use at your discretion.

We have not discovered any that allow you to reap the monetary benefits after graduation.

However, An SFS partnership allows you to do just that.

You receive a monthly stipend from us that grows from month to month provided you continue to help your fellow students pay for their education.

After graduation YOU will CONTINUE to receive the stipend if you continue to help other students acquire much needed scholarships

You will continue to benefit from the student stipend after leaving school by graduation or other means.

In fact, you are compensated for the following actions:

Helping other students qualify for the SFS Aggregate Full Scholarship,

Help another student qualify for the SFS partnership plan

Each time a qualified student helps another student with any or both of the above plans.

Each time that student helps another student with one of the above plans.

Each time you help another student take advantage of the residual income SFS provides to all of its students.

All of the above is done by sharing your custom affiliate link. Yes, it is that simple.

We have a comprehensive compensation plan that begins with the qualified student.

Your partnership with us ends when you decide it is time, we go our separate ways. All payments are processed via PayPal.

Stipends arrive monthly.

Since we foster the spirit of interdependence you will find it beneficial that your monthly contribution will never grow. Yet the stipend you receive will continue to grow far above what your contribution is.

Once the contribution is processed, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.

Refunds create charge backs which affect everyone on your team.

What happens if I miss a monthly contribution?

Your stipend, no matter how big the amount is sent to the person that enrolled you provided he/she has made their monthly contribution.

Partner with Us and You Will Get:

Stipends that grow from month to month.

Up to date information on scholarships that become available to you

The ability to retain your earning power after graduation.