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Hello. My name is Walki Arisme. I am a program coordinator with Scholars Fund. I am here to tell you about a few myths concerning scholarships. Myth 1: Only students with the highest grade point averages get the full scholarships. Not true. Any student with averages ranging from “A” to “C” can and will get full scholarships. Though having a good grade point average certainly helps, it is not the only determining factor that is considered by the scholarship committee. Where the student grew up, leadership qualities, and community service are also factors that are weighed. Myth 2: Only the most athletic, such as the Olympic gold medalist, get the full scholarships. Again not true. Scholars Fund, in no way shape or form, ever encourages the sedentary lifestyle of the student. However, there are students who cannot walk from the kitchen to their front door without stopping to take a…

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