Scholars Fund

The Aggregate Full Scholarship

Scholars Fund would like to introduce The Aggregate Full Scholarship. There are two key words: Aggregate and Full.

Contrary to popular beliefs, a student does not need one scholarship to pay for their entire tuition. Full scholarships of that type are hard to come by and harder to win due to the stringent rules and regulations. These are the funds students think of when they ponder the “full ride.” The Scholars Fund sponsored Aggregate Full Scholarship is easier to obtain and can be used over and over again until you have reached your academic goals, however lofty those goals may be.

Unlike the typical full scholarship, it is not critical to have perfect grades and be an Olympiad to enjoy these funds. nYou do need to be determined and tenacious though. Good grades and athleticism are always of great benefit but are not crucial.

We recommend you read the book: The Ultimate Scholarship Book and the “C” Student’s Guide to Scholarships.

How does it work?

Our goal is to get all of your tuition paid each year until graduation. On average, you must fill out roughly 45 applications. Each academic year you complete you will have less scholarship applications to fill out due to recurring scholarships that will be discovered by us and you.

Scholars Fund is in the business of helping you acquire these scholarships, and we will give you guidance as to how to win them. In fact, we will work with you until you have acquired enough skill to help another student while getting paid for that service.

When you join our SFS plan, you are entering a twofold process:

  1. You are getting your tuition fully funded.
  2. You are pocketing a stipend you can use at your discretion to fully pay for your education.

Let’s get started!

Signing up is as easy as giving your legal name and best email address with the person who referred you to SFS.

As soon as we get your valid email address, information will be sent to you for the next step.