The Scholars Fund Scholarship


The Scholars Fund Scholarship (SFS) was created to help any college bound student with high education costs. Unlike the traditional scholarship, SFS does not cater to the super athlete, or the straight A’s student. We are not discouraging the above-mentioned students, we are saying we cater to the students that are usually left behind, by the traditional scholarships. Scholarships cannot measure the heart of a student, or how bad the student wants to go to college. However, in a performative award that student can “show” the SFS scholarship committee the level of their commitment to the goal.

Traditional scholarships inadvertently encourage the student to remain “quiet” about the awards they are reaching for, fearing another student can swoop in and rob the award from them. SFS sees things differently. Our experience has shown when students work together to win scholarship awards, they tend to find two to three times the amount needed to finance their higher education career no matter how lofty that goal is. Thru the spirit of interdependence, a termed coined by Stephen R. Covey, any tuition goal can be reached. SFS encourages every student to strive for the Aggregate Full Scholarship. This award is literally available to any student that seeks it. SFS, via our training courses will teach a willing student how to reap the benefits of that scholarship.

This award will be given to the student that can do the following:

Be the first to enroll a certain number of QUALIFIED STUDENTS in a given time period. This time period will be specified by SFS.

The scholarship awards one thousand dollars twice a year.

The funds will be awarded to:

The student that is the first to follow all instructions to the letter.

These instructions include,

Enrolling a certain number of qualified students in a given period of time.

The funds will be distributed in the following manner.

In a check or money order,

In the name of the higher education institution,

30 to 90 days after the deadline,

By FedEx two-day mail.

Once the check or money order is shipped SFS will not change the name on the fund.

Except for the check or money order all transactions and communication will be done via email.


There is a $50 fee that includes but is not limited to.

The formation of your custom code.

Your ability to receive your stipend immediately following you enrolling another student.

Your ability to get your stipend by PayPal.

Your ability to get your residual income.

Your ability to pay your own taxes and take advantage of the student lower taxes.

Your ability to get paid when other students get paid.

Your ability to get paid when you enroll another student.

You get paid when another student enrolls a student.

You get paid with any transaction that occurs on your SFS team.

Your custom code allows SFS to give you letters of recommendation based on your work history. We are a nonprofit organization. You are providing SFS with community service by helping other students gain their higher education without paying one red cent of their own. You are also helping SFS raise money to help other higher education students around the country.

Your SFS code allows us to track the students you help which then allows us to provide accurate information when you ask for any recommendations.

The Compensation Plan

Refer to this blog frequently to learn of new programs and opportunities. AS our funds grow these opportunities will become bigger and more frequent.

With your suggestions.

If you do not get awarded the SFS scholarship you will enjoy ALL of the benefits described above. Furthermore, you can reapply as often as you like and as the award becomes available.


The SFS scholarship works in conjunction with the other scholarships in the Aggregate Full Scholarship plan. As you apply for awards year after year, you will notice some awards reoccur thereby making it easier and more efficient to apply for other awards that are suitable to your goals. As you progress in your higher education your stipend will also grow. Provided that you continue to follow the simple instructions of using your custom code to help other students acquire the tuition funds needed for their education.

This scholarship will be made available twice a year as noted above.

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